Deegee Razon is a Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger from Manila, Philippines. Founder of The Brand Ambassador launched in 2016. A graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at FEU – Makati. He created this blog to inspire other people to dream and believe in their passion; and this also serves as his personal photo diary where he keeps all memories, photowalks and adventures.

Wise beyond his age, Deegee learned how to earn an income through his talent and passion having him been able to invested on his own camera and lenses. He also made it a goal to make his readers become aware of different brands. He has been curated with 50+ Brands Locally and Internationally and got featured in different brand accounts like Herschel Supply Co., Sunnies Studios, Ayala Malls and many more. He also won several contest online using his special talent of doing Flat Layout or FlatLay Photography leading to the creation of the hashtag #FlatlaysByDeegee on Instagram.

For him being creative and unique is the key to success in this generation.